Friday, July 22, 2011

MOEBIUS: transe-forme at the fondation cartier, Paris


Jean Gerard AKA "Moebius" was a explosive influence on me as a young artist, When I found a copy of The Airtight Garage in garage sale/swap meet thing in NY when I was a kid.

I was instantly blown away. Here was work that blended my love for sci-fi, comics and Art all into one. It was the first time I realized eroticism not in the image but in the line. His work has a fluidity, an accuracy and history that I could not let go of.

The more work I found of his the more it informed me about color and mood and technique. I was hooked. Just when I figured out how to emulate his sci-fi stuff I discover his western's! just to much to take in. My love for the line and the one offs in my sketch book are a bit of a secret tribute to him.

I wish this show would travel, since I wont be in Paris anytime this year, but if you may lucky to be in that city GO SEE this. Looks amazing, and one of the most elegant collection of his work.

Link via Design Boom.

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