Monday, July 25, 2011

Making Moves.

Finally feeling settled in after moving the family back to Dallas.
Temporarily. We packed up our stuff into storage and drove out to TX as I accepted a lead position on an entertainment project for Reel FX, The intention is to return to California upon completing the picture. I am still working on freelance when ever possible but the priority is that I get to direct a team of really super talented artist!

The timing was meant to be.
The offer came as my wife and I discovered that we are expecting our second child, so we thought it was important to be around family for the support. It has been great, Avec is nuts about being with his grandma more often and loves playing with his cousins. There is a Rail station near our new apt that he loves to hang out at and wait for the train for...The heat is a little unbearable at times but its nice to be home, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

I will post more on new art projects and other goodies as I get to them.

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Jake said...

Sounds cool Limbert! Man, I miss Dallas a lot at times. Have fun while you're there, and good luck on the project!