Saturday, May 7, 2011

PROCESS: Sarasota Magazine Retiring

I did this piece for my friends at Sarasota Magazine and it was the contender for the cover.

The story was based on the bright opportunities available to retiring baby boomers in Sarasota FL. Below are some of my process images I created to get to what I finally delivered.

I love working with Gigi and Pam at the magazine, they usually let me riff on the ideas and let me cut loose.

The idea landed on looking ahead and being optimistic and so my image was dialed into this layout. The image was to be graphic and build on the use of the sail in the boat to telegraph the story themes... giving me some room to try some type illustrations in the marked areas.
I wanted to omit the facial features on the couple so that it felt more graphic and open.

Below are the various iterations on developing the image
Gigi and I decided that the image did not need to have the supporting TEXT and that the sun rays could do all the work for us there:

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