Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look Ma I made a list. 2010 top 10 Albums

Well if anyone cares here are Top 10 albums on my year end list.

1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. - Kanye
This is the best he's put out yet...considering all the nonsense he's wrapped up in...cant deny how official this is.

2. How I got Over - The Roots
Great from the first snare hit to the last.
I mean come on... Joanna Newsome and the

3. The Broken Bells - Broken Bells
Wow... an amazing collaborative effort from two amazing talents Dangermouse and Mercer are sick together. Mongrel Heart is a favorite. What an unexpected surprise.

4. The Suburbs - Arcade FIre
These guys created a classic. A very unassuming record that continues to grow on you.

5. Sit Down Man - Das Racist
Some of the more sincere hip hop for hip hop's sake I've heard in a long time.
Its evidence of the power of hip hop and its effect on any ethnic group.

6. Heligoland - Massive Attack
Damn Damn Damn...what you get when you continue to reinvent trip-hop if that label even exists or applies.

7. The Fool - Warpaint
My favorite new band.
I friend of mine while working on a video for a single turned me on to these gals. The Fool confirmed what I heard, tight deep beats and intricate melodies.

8. The Forgiveness Rock Record - Broken Social Scene
Canadians doing their thing.

9. XX - The XX
A total surprise for me...Reminds me of Everything but the Girl at times. I expect and hope big sounds from this team.

10. Picking up the Pieces - The Fitz and Tantrums
Yes, I'm still stricken with that neo-soul sound sickness.... The melodies on here are fantastic and feel original given how much homage they are paying to a sound pop music owes a lot to.

Honorable mentions
Wake Up - The Roots and John Legend.
This is an amazing album but felt it was maybe one track to deep in the decade it was tipping its hat to.

Diamond Eyes - The Deftones
Felt like these guys made a decent comeback...

The ArchAndroid - Janelle Monae
Still getting through this genre bending album...
really really original work, I look forward to loving.

Maya - MIA
Shit this should be on the list but wanted to make room for some new comers...

Transference - Spoon
solid all the way but a little expected.

Brothers - The Black Keys
I really liked this album actually the first album I loved by them...
but not sure why not on the main list...oh well

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Christopher Vela said...

Nice man. You've got a awesome taste in music. Love sharin' the goods with ya :)